Here’s where I keep a running list of recommended resources. Whether your interest is medieval manuscripts, languages, or animal lore, there’s something here for you.

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Medieval Blogs

  • The Medieval Bestiary – An amazing database of medieval animals.
  • British Library Medieval Manuscripts Blog – Fun, user-friendly blog posts about medieval stuff, illustrated with beautiful images from the British Library’s collection.
  • beoshewulf blog – Explores interactions between the medieval and modern worlds through literature, history and art and reports on medievalist events, conferences and classes.
  • Getting Medieval with Comics – A blog about the medieval, comics, and medieval comics, exploring what it means to be human in the Middle Ages.
  • – Articles and links to papers on everything medieval.
  • Discarding Images – Probably my favourite medieval Tumblr, amusing medieval images that are very well cited.
  • Sexy Codicology – Making codicology (i.e., the study of books as physical objects, especially manuscripts) sexy one post at a time.
  • Erik Kwakkel – A medieval book historian’s Tumblr of medieval book eye candy.
  • A Clerk of Oxford – A blog about the literature and history of medieval England, as well as about saints, churches, folklore, Vikings, etc.
  • Made of Wynn – Medieval posts, book/movie reviews, and a store that sells wonderfully geeky Old English products.
  • Open Marginalis – A selection of digitized medieval manuscripts working to guide new users to open collections for casual and scholarly use.
  • Medium Aevum – Medieval art, literature, architecture, music, history, geography, warfare, way of living, language, and culture.
  • Demonagerie – A Tumblr devoted to images of demons, many of which are medieval.
  • Medieval Bex – Late medieval and early modern reading history and literature, connecting medieval and contemporary book production, publishing, and Digital Humanities.
  • An (Almost) Anglo-Saxonist – Thinking about Anglo-Saxon things and creative and cultural practices today.
  • The Pilgrimages – Journeys and stories about Anglo-Saxon and post-1930s poetry.
  • Manuscript Journeys – A metaphoric journey through manuscripts to different centuries, cultures, places and themes.


Old English


Middle English


Medieval Manuscript Digital Collections

  • British Library Digitised Manuscripts – Search the British Library’s collection of digitised manuscripts.
  • The Digital Walters – More than 900 illuminated manuscripts digitised by The Walters Art Museum.
  • LUNA – Digitised medieval and renaissance manuscripts at the Bodleian Library.
  • Wren Digital Library – Digitised collections from the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge.
  • Europeana Regia – A virtual library of the most important European royal collections of documents from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

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