About Us

Hana Videen (the medievalist):

I’m a blogger and teacher, translating the unexpected curiosities of history into engaging, relatable narratives. I have a PhD in medieval English literature from King’s College London where I do a bit of teaching. My thesis was on the significance of blood in Anglo-Saxon poetry, homilies, saints’ lives, and medical texts (leechbooks). I tweet the Old English Word of the Day (@OEWordhord) and blog about Old English (oldenglishwordhord.com) and medieval studies (beoshewulf.wordpress.com). I’m also working on a project called Getting Medieval with Comics: how to be human in the Middle Ages.

James Merry (the artist):

I like to draw pictures, and my favourite medium is pen and ink. In between the important business of drawing things, however, I spend most of my time working for Squint/Opera, in Battersea. You should check out the Squint/Opera website and see some of the amazing things we do there. I graduated from the Royal College of Art a long time ago (MA Animation, 2001). I live in leafy south-west London, perilously close to the Surrey border, and I like sausages, pies, posh beer, robot lawnmowers, and inter-galactic space travel. I’ve got a Facebook page, somewhere over here.

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